Sea Freight Services

At ASCF, we excel in offering comprehensive and efficient sea freight services to meet a wide range of global cargo transportation requirements. With our wide network, industry experience and commitment to quality, we guarantee seamless and affordable solutions for your shipping needs.

Our Comprehensive Sea Freight Services include

FCL (Full Container Load) Services

Our FCL services ensure safe and effective shipping that is catered to your cargo volume and requirements, whether be it a specialized cargo or a regular container.

LCL (Less than Container Load) Services:

Our LCL services provide economical alternatives for smaller shipments by combining cargo from several suppliers into a single container.

Customized Solutions

In close collaboration with you, our team develops customized sea freight solutions that meet your unique demands and industry standards.

Partner with us

For all sea freight services, ASCF is your go-to partner, from smooth cargo transfers to effective customs clearance. Whether shipping general cargo, specialized cargo, or both, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service with each shipment. Get in touch with us right now to find out how our sea freight forwarding services might improve your supply chain efficiency and logistics plan.

Why Choose Us

Global Network

Seamless cargo movement ensured across continents with our extensive network of partners and agents worldwide.

Reliability and Security

Prioritizing your cargo's safety through reliable warehouse storage, rigorous security measures and quality checks at every shipping phase.

Expert Team

Knowledgeable sea logistics professionals ensuring efficient handling, warehousing, compliance, custom clearance, and documentation.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Real-time tracking and monitoring for complete visibility throughout your cargo's journey.